Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Be a Leader in Own Ways

Each of us is destined to be a leader.

Though we have superiors in our works, still leadership is in our grasps. It is only important to believe in our individual purpose. By not treating ourselves as born leaders, we would be lacking in self-confidence and we could not do something for the attainment of our purpose. But believing that there is a seed of leadership in our individual being would lead to a motivated expression of oneself. Thus, tasks can just be done by us despite of hardships.

When we have superiors, it does not mean a loss of leadership but a training ground.

Nobody reach a top level of successful leadership without passing the fate of a subordinate. As gold is melted in fire and formed into a beautiful jewelry by pounding or hammering, so is leadership in us. Each individual can be special or so precious like gold - or even more than gold - when the purpose of living for good is discovered after passing through the path of followership.

So we can say this: A good leader is a good follower.

Friday, November 9, 2007

What I thought of blogs...

Observing what successful bloggers are experiencing, I thought of something that would explain why blogs are written.

The word "blog" is not yet formally defined in the dictionary. But Wikipedia, as an online encyclopedia, has a detailed explanation of what a blog is, including its related terms. Generally, it talks about expressions though branching into different perspectives.

I consider "blog" as a BRIDGING instrument. It is basically connecting the varied races of all corners of the world that explicitly showing the reality of globalization in the present internet age. However, there is a need to be careful enough in knowing and evaluating where such "bridge" or certain blog is leading us - because it may be for the goodness or badness of any of us.

The bridge... the blog... must be for goodness.
Psychologically, we don't like something bad to happen
as each of us has a conscience.

Bridging can be done by us LEADERS who have such bravery in giving our time, talents, and treasures just to contribute something for the better future of mankind and the nature around. We tend to be self-giving - we don't like to be selfish beings. We usually find communities of bloggers who are basically leaders, for us to be together in what we are doing. So we utilize our being ONLINE in the internet by spending an amount monthly.

It is our way of spreading out together the goodness of ourselves though how tiny each of us in a certain very small spot of the world right now.

Thanks to the websites who are giving the bloggers opportunity to gain something for sustenance of life needs. GAINING monetary surprises and intellectual inputs through publishing or advertising have been providing encouragement and empowerment to go on blogging though the primal thing that gives joy is every expression conveyed.

SAVINGS build up the bloggers into higher level of dignity. More of these funds would attract more visitors, more friends, and more opportunities of improvement and progress in all aspects of life.

To summarize, here is what I thought of "blogs":

B - Bridging
L - Leaders
O - Online
G - Gaining
S - Savings

How about you, what do you think of blogs?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Promoting Good Images

I usually promote good and meaningful images I got from the world wide web when I am blogging.

I don't explain a certain image but I indirectly point out the relation of it to my topic at hand. I personally thank the people involved in producing such images in the internet. I assure to use the images for the common good. These images are so useful in providing additional unwritten yet valuable explanations on the minds of readers.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Good Leaders Write... Right?

The concern of a good leader is the assurance of a better future through the learnings derived from the past applied at present.

Because of this, a good leader write blogs or anything that could be useful as documents for the next generation to read for guidance in striving for improvement and progress. Thus, good leadership principles can be preserved for centuries though there could be probable changes in lifestyles. Naturally, the physical body of a good leader would not last for centuries but the words written with a sense of wisdom will not die.

Jose Rizal, the national hero of the Philippines once said, "Not everything in me will die". Though he died on December 30, 1896 at Bagumbayan, Manila, Philippines (now Luneta), the good principles depicted through these two well-known novels he wrote, "Noli Me Tangere" and "El Filibusterismo" that paved a way for independence, have been influencing the people of today as what happened in the past. This is only one of the examples of a good leader who used writings as a way to achieve something worthwhile.

Generally, it can be said...

Good leaders of all countries write for the
common good.

It is an act of preserving the wisdom-filled realizations through documentation in writing useful enough for the next generation to be guided and be founded on strong ground for a better life.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

By Observing the Blogs of Successful Bloggers

This blogging job really gives me a sense of fulfillment in my life. I'm so happy to know what good things blogging can do to me when I observed the blogs of successful bloggers...

I searched for successful bloggers to get ideas from them on how they become financially stable through blogging. Looking at their blog sites, it is so amazing to see the financial blessings they are reaping by sharing themselves through writing in the internet. Indeed, they are really leaders and good models of this modern industry. May I could be like them gradually.

I'm so thankful that I have entered the sites of successful bloggers...

I appreciate the blogs of John Chow because it has been showing me the right advertisements which I placed afterwards here in my site after my applications were approved. He really wants to help his fellow bloggers. The more he helps, the more he becomes successful. His ideas confirmed to me the viability and truthfulness of good income Adsense can give - advertisements which you can also see in this blog site of mine. Moreover, I am glad to be a member of the community of myblogblog.

Going further, the daily blog tips site had shown to me the hierarchy of successful bloggers. As shown in the examples of successful bloggers, I visited the sites of established bloggers Maki and John Wesley where I got the importance of bloggers to support one another. The sites of expert bloggers Brian Clark and Loren Baker had shown me the use of art and other fields of knowledge in blogging to gather more visitors or traffic. The sites of Guru (highest level in the hierarchy) Aaron Wall, Shoemoney and Darren Rowse had imparted to me a reality that blogging can really make us successful in sharing valuable information for the good of the communities of the world. And as all of us would like, blogging can make us financially stable though it takes time - because we need to start from the beginning. By the way, being part now of the blogging world is the starting success for me.

Let us strive to achieve what the successful bloggers are enjoying now...

Monday, November 5, 2007

Achieving Institutional Goals

How do we motivate others to join us wholeheartedly in achieving institutional goals?

It starts with good relationship while presenting a clear view of what we would like to achieve, commonly known as the mission-vision. The personality of each one involved may be considered to assure individual action according to unique nature.

Thus, there is a matching of the
institution and individuality of each one.

We must be reminded that each one has own personal experiences, family background, educational attainment, income preferences, taste, etc. which point out the importance of individual data. Proper selection of roles, positions, or responsibilities stipulated within the institution could then be easily given to each one without any violent reaction regarding mismatching.

What has been discussed above is the foundational stage which is reaching out the SUBJECTIVE NATURE of each one - THE FIRST PHASE.

The ways and means on how to attain certain targets may follow next to assure oneness of direction despite of the many fields or specializations involved. Here, the policies must be agreed by the people as a whole, if possible, in a consensus - wherein each one realized the need to agree after thorough deliberation. Moreover, institutional discipline is basically applicable which deals on technicalities including legalities, internal and external processes, systems application, evaluation, and the like.

It is the implementation stage which is utilizing the


The Leader's Choice

There are things we like we don't get.
There are things we have we don't like.

It is the irony of life that really happens as we have our own tastes, preferences, criteria, and longings infused into our mind by our CULTURAL EXPERIENCES, however, seemed contradicted by UNEXPECTED CIRCUMSTANCES.

The counter-pulling powers between
put us in the middle.
What shall we choose is the question...


BLAMING OTHERS of what we feel as "misfortune" would really lead to frustration that calls for vices and wanton involvement to forget such "terrible reality" and enjoy life in a moment - a usual defense mechanism to cope up with tension in life. What do you think is the outcome?

How about UNDERSTANDING OTHERS and ACCEPTING THE REALITY that there is something better awaiting. That everything happens as a preparation for something better - better than the "good things" we are dreaming of. It is a matter of faith and perseverance supplemented by continuous actions of finding the path of life through contemplating on the unexpected circumstances.

This is COMPREHENSION - the leaders' choice!

...Where everything we like, we get at the right time, at the right place, and in the right way...

Credibility inspires...

Challenge molds, mistake reminds,

right move encourages – because a good leader


These are life realities recognized because of leaders who are living for the good of the communities of their care as shown in their actions which gives credibility to the words said in public. Selfishness could not hinder their services as it is overpowered by self-giving as they continuously struggle in sincerely doing their responsibilities.

The goodness in leadership resides by not running away from the challenges or problems in life but facing them bravely and enjoyably with common good as the focus in mind – just like playing challenging indoor or outdoor games we like most. When there is any mistake committed, it becomes a reminder on how to avoid such mistake next time considering the factors involved after doing an act of restitution (reconstructing what has been destroyed due to mistake). Thus, when something is done right due to such reminder, doing it again is the encouragement.

These are the experiences of a good leader that made him
so inspiring to his subordinates... that's it!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Scammers - the Internet Villains

As we strive to be heroes of the internet, there are villains who have the motives of getting money through deceit.

They are the computer manipulators involved in making SCAM also known as CONFIDENCE TRICK or GAME, CON, SWINDLE, GRIFT, BUNKO, and FLIM FLAM.

SCAM is an attempt to swindle a person by gaining his or her confidence. It is basically a scheme for making money by dishonest means. Thus, when money was given by the victim to a scammer in whatever manner, transactions previously made in a very good agreement would turn to be nothing as the said scammer, who got the money of the victim, would be found nowhere.

I consider these scammers as villains in the real stories of life in the internet world. They can deceive people of any level of intelligence as they exploit human weaknesses like greed, dishonesty, and vanity.

One example is when the scammer requests the victim to dishonestly act as business partner of her rich father who died but had left millions of dollars she could not get as heir or next to kin because she is too young. After assuring safe transactions and documentary proofs regarding the money and connecting the victim to a stated bank, an amount then would be asked by the mentioned person who acted as bank manager (connivance) for the processing of the release or transfer of the money in the bank account of the victim which would be discovered later on as just a trick.

Thus, people can be victims if they will allow themselves to commit falsification or cheating just to get the percentage of money in millions of dollars. Reflectively, greed and dishonesty of a victim is exploited. In the stated scenario, honest men could not be cheated.

But wait, there is something more explained in Wikipedia. Some scams depend on the honesty of the victim. A scammer may use legitimate transaction wherein the victim would receive a check and be deposited in the bank afterwards. The scammer then would urge the victim to forward the apparent value of the check with good amount deducted as a good commission to the victim. But this would happen before the discovery of a worthless or bouncing check.

There are more situations wherein scammers can do their dirty tricks just to have money through fraudulent schemes and dishonesty. Thus, I personally recommend this certain blogsite which could provide us valuable information about the bad schemes of scammers and about tips on how to fight against scamming. Here it is -

Let's us remember that we can only start conquering the scammers by knowing them and
disclosing their strategies...

The Internet Heroes

As I continue my blogging career, my internet awareness widens.

The varied information I got from good websites and honest blogs have been indirectly providing me guidance and tips on how to go with this kind of trade in the internet world. Those blog writers and websites' owners are worthy of appreciation whom I consider as my mentors and internet leaders - without them knowing - everytime I visit their sites and observe what they are conveying and the services they are offering.

If the internet is a "movie" or a "novel", I consider them as the heroes, the protagonists, the good characters, or the winners of the story - because they are working with honesty and good motives.

Someday, I could be one of the internet veterans like them - helping newcomers to stay on blogging and help in spreading good stuffs. Though I have my own style, they are my models in blogging as we have something in common - HONESTY and GOOD SCHEMES to help build a better world of information and life through this digital superhighway where all corners of the world are interconnected.

Thanks to the INTERNET HEROES...

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Practical Tips for Better Services

Our good motives and sincere acts of services
give meaning to whatever we are doing and
happiness in all our undertakings.

It implies that if we want ourselves to have betterment of lives, the more we should be concerned of doing something for the good of others. Others may mean our customers or anybody around us.

When service is our concern, selfishness could not conquer us, but we conquer selfishness by goodness of motives which may have natural rewards from the source or designer of life and fate. It coincides to the Golden Rule saying "Do unto others as you would like others do unto you..." agreed in reality by most of the cultures and philosophies of the world.

It points out also the possibility of achieving targets more than what we are expecting because of the support of the people around us
who are affected by our goodness including the
earth's natural contents like plants, animals, weather, etc.
that respond in accordance to what we are doing to them.

Thus, it is just nice and proper to be honest and sincere in whatever we are doing especially in providing services, as we will get more naturally, although we don't expect, as we give our best in giving services for goodness sake. Additionally, we continually monitor our services by considering the needs of those we are serving.

Here are some tips I learned from seminars and experiences which may be helpful in upgrading our services to coincide with what are really needed:


This is common in schools when a teacher is absent and other teacher would substitute for the students to cope up with the lessons.
Additionally, when cutting woods endangers our natural habitat, we substitute plastic or steel for wood which may avoid forest denudation, erosions, and floods.


There are features combined now like 3 -in-1 coffee, pencil with eraser, pineapple products with phytochemicals which has cancer-prevention attributes and the like wherein more than one usefulness or features are mixed providing more benefits in accordance to the needs.


When the things we are giving would not provide what is really needed as the contents are not enough, we make them bigger like Jumbo Hotdogs, 2 Liters Softdrinks, and the like. Besides, bigger products purchased would mean more discounts provided on the part of the customers.


In case there are services others could not afford because of higher prize though it is economically justifiable, we tend to provide them something affordable like shampoos or toothpastes in sachets. This would also be applicable if we serve by providing portable or easy to handle things. Notice that the computer chips nowadays are becoming smaller giving birth to the science of Nanotechnology.


There are things which can be useful in other use just like liquor bottles which can also be useful as flower vases. The idea of recycling can be applicable here, which result to protection of our natural environment.


Notice some of the products emphasizing nothingness of something bad. There are softdrinks with no sugar content to avoid diabetes, processed products with less cholesterol to avoid heart attack, etc. Thus, things which are not helpful in providing good services should be eliminated as decided from research-based evaluation.


One concrete example here is the re-assembling of the right-hand drive vehicles exported from other countries into left-hand drive vehicles to coincide with the traffic rules and regulations which are opposite to the vehicle requirements of the countries the vehicles were taken from. Moreover, there are malls or department stores that have regular rearrangements considering the psychological tastes of the customers and upholding better positioning in the services they are providing.

We can apply the said tips helpful in upgrading something we like in our blogging management.
But it depends on our creativity on how we would apply.
Can you add or share something valuable in connection with the matter at hand?

By the way, did you notice the acronym made for easy memorization? It is S-C-A-M-P-E-R. Scamper is an action word which means "to run quickly or playfully" (Encarta Dictionary) usually shown in the energetic movements of a horse, according to our trainer before.

Reflectively, "SCAMPER" is a quick move to solve the problems encountered when we are giving services by finding and applying the right solutions.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Management of a Leader

We know that MANAGEMENT is the act of handling or controlling something successfully.
It could also refer to the skillful handling or use of something such as resources; and the organizing and controlling of the affairs of the business or a particular sector of the business. It is a must for a leader to understand its nature and apply in reality to assure effective leadership.

LEADERSHIP may mean the ability to guide, or influence people. A leader then gives guidance through a magnetizing influence from him or her. It shows a way, an invitation, or a path for the subordinates to go through in terms of participation. The main target is for a certain goal to be achieved.

Can we lead without managing? Can we manage without leading? Yes, we can, but the absence of one may mean difficulty.

It is understandable then that the two must be combined. They are the two perspectives that must be combined to have great and wonderful results - the achievement of what we ought to have.

Let's compare in terms of function...

A manager has these functions: PLANNING, ORGANIZING, DIRECTING, COORDINATING, and CONTROLLING which are necessary in assuring success in every endeavor.

An effective leader, on the other hand, is simply more of INFLUENCING and GUIDING the subordinates towards a certain goal. It seems that a manager is more of the WORK OF THE HEAD while a leader is more of the WORK OF THE HEART.

Can we separate the two in achieving success in every endeavor we have? What do you think?

Monday, October 29, 2007

Becoming a Leader of your Own

Any writer could always have a spot of leadership in the internet business. We control our own time, talents, and treasures in doing this modern trend of enterprise.

But it depends upon the communicative skills, persevering effort, and creativity that may attract more visitors or readers. Knowing that the world wide web is the publishing area of whatever written, the widely known international language, which is English, has been very useful.

However, we must be aware and careful of scams or dishonest schemes for making money of unscrupulous individuals in this one big world of digital technology. It is just like being on guard in our respective homes to assure safety.

But there are good websites whose owners are really honest in giving opportunities especially for those who have the potentials in providing varied internet services just like blogging while publishing ads. Anybody then can be a leader in own way because of the kindness and support these good websites are giving.

I started my blogging experiences when I signed up at

My first blog was then followed by more blogs; and the more I continue blogging, the more I learn new things in this highly technological trade. Thanks to people who have introduced to me this blogging endeavor and internet experts who have been continuously providing technical support in the world wide web.

For the beginners... like me, it is just a matter of reading with understanding before moving on to the next level of individual actions. God bless us all.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Building a Network - Gaining Friends and Money

I really like blogging. My expressions make me feel alright. Everytime I am online, a great and wide world is in the clicks of my computer mouse...

I can peep through varied sites of my choice making me aware of international situations in terms of trends, cultures, businesses, products, etc. It enlightens me to be more discrete and careful in studying things that have implications playing in the minds of people especially the young ones. It heightens my sense of leadership.

As time goes on, I am learning many things needed and useful in daily living. I realize the reality of myself in terms of career I like. Honestly, I find myself fulfilled writing blogs for the world wide web.

It is a practical extension of my teaching profession in my locality - but here, I am dealing with all kinds of races, beliefs, cultures, and the like. It encourages my aim to spread the good news of leadership in a simplified way.

I have the hardship before finding business in the internet because of the many "income-oriented" sites that offer questionable income opportunities - basically, scams because you need first to send payments without even knowing their business locations... They are attractive, and some may not be scams... but lawsuits in cases of future problems have no place in the situation as the wide, wide, world is the location being dealt. It challenges the leadership concepts I learned and integrated to my way of living.

With good times being spent in blogging, I begin learning gradually the rules of the "game" of earning online. It happened when I opened the sites of successful bloggers and observed the way they earned.

Yes! They are my model bloggers though I am in my own natural style - indeed, I am learning and getting something better from them. It calls me to lead later on as they are doing now.

I have been given the opportunity to do referrals and earn which neophytes can also be part of. Building a network is the task which I really agree to be involved with and I know the beginners, like me, would like too...


Welcome friends!

Thanks for the invitation of our network leaders in our blogging endeavors. I know someday, we the neophytes can be like you. God bless us all.

Leading Songs for the Young in 2007 - High School Musical

The songs of High School Musical 1 and 2 have been capturing the music taste of young people this 1997 and thus, I consider as a leader in youth musical entertainment. These musical movies 1 and 2 had presented good lessons on young people's lifestyle and love for education which made most parents, like me, approved the quality of entertainment.

Though I am already 37 years old, I like the songs... Do you want to listen and relax? Just click the link below:

Doing Group Project

The presence of a leader implies a need for goal to be achieved or project to be implemented.

There must be actions then that should answer the questions of what, how, where, and when to do things well for such group target. As the "captain of the ship", the leader should be an initiator of action focusing on everything under his influence and control with proper conveyance of instructions or guidelines to the group for the members or subordinates to go in accordance with the leading action.

Here are some suggested points a leader should have acted as initiator. Just be reminded of the acronym T-E-A-M-S.


A clarified tasks would assure better understanding of roles, functions, and supports. It is true that no one could do everything to achieve a group target, thus, individual focus on each clarified task is a big help which implicates knowing what to do.


An assessed environment would assure proper planning and smooth implementation of the tasks clarified by the leader to each subordinate.


The abilities combined would build a strong group as each individual would act in accordance to each of their varied skills, specializations, and expertise.


The coordinated movements would lead to the achievement of goal as planned wherein each time consumed in doing each task is basically useful and never wasteful.


A simplified system would give a clear view of the mission-vision of the group and present practical ways and ethical standards geared towards maintaining efficiency in performance and consistency of progress.

For us to be reminded always of the important points that should be done in doing group project or achieving a goal, let remember the word TEAMS.

Simplifying Complexities of Leadership

Understanding leadership in formal studies has complexities. We studied different theories and principles using highly technical terms.

It is alright for us who like formality in studying it considering the educational attainment we have. Teachers and other professionals really prefer to study complex things because simplicity of ideas somewhat not challenging. Thus, institutional concepts of leadership are presented in graphs and charts labeled with technical terms. Honestly, we professionals like it - as it gives us a sense of integrity and credibility as professionals who have learned complex ideas, theories, or principles on leadership.

But the leadership knowledges we have are basically useful also for those who are practically involved in leadership in their local places but have not undergone formal studies on leadership.

Opportunities on learning the technical complexities of leadership must also be shared to them considering the sacrifices they have shown and efforts they have exerted to help their local communities. Sociologically, they don't like complex lectures; they can usually comprehend inputs well if the presentation is simple and using locally-inclined languages. As English language is used here, the technical terms and graphs must be simplified to catch their attention.

Thus, we simplify things in our discussions here though how complex are the concepts conveyed. Presentation then, if possible, should be conversational - one way of making complexities simple and easy to be understood.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Yes, it depends...

Our approaches in nurturing a child vary as it depends on the situation of the child at a certain stage of life. The changes in stages of life are the factors indirectly given consideration... as in leadership...
A newborn baby needs an autocratic approach. The parent usually dictates on what is good for the infant - food, clothes to wear, etc.

During childhood stage, the child is always told of the right things to do about living. As the child learns important things about life and begins to think for what is good and right, the parent usually asks on what should be the right thing to do which enhances the child's ability to analyze.

During high school or college years, the child becomes an adolescent and the parent begins to usually just consult to know his or her plans and thus allowing the person to find ways to improve himself or herself though parental suggestions are always there.

Upon reaching adulthood with the right frame of thoughts, the person usually decides for himself or herself. As the decision is usually right, the parent just join.

As the adult person learns more and decides to have his or her own family, the parent then begins to escape - though always open to consultation and to give support anytime in times of challenges in life.

What I have mentioned are situations wherein all the styles of leadership are being applied depending on the situation of the person from infancy, childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. The situations reflect also the stages of development of each employee, subordinate, and the like. The behavioral situations of subordinates are also reflected.

What do you think now is the most effective style of leadership? The answer is "it depends".

The application of whatever style of leadership depends on the situation of each subordinate particularly on the LEVEL OF ABILITY and WILLINGNESS TO GIVE SERVICE. The right approaches toward each of them would also be dependent on the two mentioned points.

The leadership approaches then vary...

For a subordinate with LOW ABILITY and LOW WILLINGNESS, the style to be applied should be AUTOCRATIC wherein the leader dictates, tells, or asks a little.

For a subordinate with LOW ABILITY and HIGH WILLINGNESS, the first level of DEMOCRATIC approach can be applicable wherein the leader asks for suggestions.

For a subordinate with HIGH ABILITY and LOW WILLINGNESS, the second level of DEMOCRATIC approach is applicable wherein the leader consults considering the use of high ability and in turn open the door for willingness of the subordinate to spark and grow.

For a subordinate with HIGH ABILITY and HIGH WILLINGNESS, the style that should be applied is ABDICRATIC approach wherein the leader joins and even escapes (for instance, becoming part only of the Board of Directors).

If the style of leadership does not coincide with the level of ability and willingness of the subordinate, there could be problems that may affect negatively the institution as a whole.

There is primarily a need for psychological consideration on this matter because the challenge now is on how to know the level of ability and high willingness of a certain subordinate. If you have a suggestion regarding this psychological matter in knowing the level of ability and willingness, feel free to express here.

Going back to the question on what is the most effective style of leadership, the answer is given. IT DEPENDS...


By the way, you are welcome to give more ideas.

Friday, October 26, 2007

What is the most effective style of leadership?

What is the most effective style of leadership in dealing with your subordinates to achieve institutional goals? It is democratic, autocratic, or abdicratic?

Many people say it is DEMOCRATIC which emphasizes an equal participation by all in the decision-making processes of an organization or group. Some leaders say it is AUTOCRATIC wherein the leader has absolute authority especially in the decision making. Others say it is ABDICRATIC (LAIZZES-FAIRE) that gives freedom to the subordinates in doing their tasks wherein there is a refusal to interfere in other people's affairs, thus, a practice of letting people do as they please. For you, what do you think is the most effective style?

The style of leadership is a matter of control and allowing control towards the subordinates.

Autocratic leaders assume full control or allow very little control for subordinates in the decision-making. Democratic leaders allow fifty-percent (50%) control on the part of subordinates and retain fifty percent (50%) control to themselves. Abdicratic leaders, on the other hand, allow full control to the chosen subordinates or retain only less control to themselves.

Communicative approach towards a subordinate is considerable in dealing with leadership styles:

Autocratic leader would dictate or tell; Democratic leader would ask or consult; and Abdicratic leader would join or escape. what do you think is the best communicative approach in dealing with your subordinates?

Analytically, the center of leadership styles can be pointed out now:

Autocratic Leadership Style is Leader-centered; Democratic Leadership Style is People-centered; and the Abdicratic Leadership Style is Group-Centered. What leadership style now is the most effective for you?

We can practically get the answer on what is the most effective style of leadership by observing the way we take good care and nurture our children from the time they were born up to their adulthood.

Can we see the changes of treatment we give to each of the children as they grow? If we observe well, then, the answer to the question is just inside our minds...

We will just deal with the answer to the question next time. Good luck. God bless us.

Grateful of Differences

The sites of experienced bloggers I visited made me see great differences as compared to my recent blogs.

They are indeed leaders in this internet endeavors. They are already in the right track as their blogs are sustained by income online which show me guides and tips on how to go about with this trend of internet challenges for international leadership in front of computers.

My way of blogging is really different compared to the blogs of experienced bloggers. But I am so grateful to know this.

When I am seeing the impact of the contents of their blog sites that are really making money, I learn a lot. I am beginning to discover the basic techniques and strategies of them though I could not fully comprehend the many hows and whys of this enterprise - so I am studying by reading useful blogs and practical inputs from varied internet sources. What I know now is that I got something motivating and useful from the indirect leadership shown to me.

Why do I consider it "their leadership"? Because their blogs have been influencing my styles to go about the process of gradual transformation from a very simple expressions of personal views to a more technical matters that could be inviting more internet readers in general.

I believe that such influence to me and to other blogging neophytes have been giving them success in achieving their individual goals - they caught our attention, especially mine.

I could say now that I am one of their "students" in this endeavor. The differences I sense made me realize the need to improve my style and find my place in this blogging world. However, I would still capitalize my own natural style and identity though I would now be putting on the "gadgets" and "suits" that would be in accordance with the styles, trends, and culture of successful bloggers. Merging of differences is the process I am undergoing with my blogs now.

Thanks for the differences. Thanks for the challenge. Thank God for us bloggers!

I may achieve later on, together with other aspiring neophytes, the place you are now, my model
blogging leaders.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

What a leader should have to be effective

From the seminars I attended, researches I made, and discussions I encountered about LEADERSHIP, I combined the important things a leader should have to be effective.

To aid our memory for us not to forget these inputs, I set up an acronym LEADERSHIP.

I classified the word LEADERSHIP into two - LEADER and SHIP. The first, which is LEADER that emphasizes a clear indication of identity, deals with what a leader should have in himself. The second, which is SHIP that depicts a vessel for us to ride on, deals on what a leader should have in dealing with others.

In the first part, let me begin with this question: What should I strive to have always personally to be effective in applying leadership in reality? Psychologically, it is more on relationship with own self. Here are the following points:

L - Loyalty to the Institutional Mission-Vision

E - Enthusiasm to give Service

A - Acceptance of Position and Responsibilities

D - Determination to accomplish Works and Tasks

E - Emotional Stability

R - Respect of Rights

In the second part, it is nice to have this question in mind: What should I have to equip myself in dealing with others in exercising my leadership? It is practically more on relationship with others. Here are the important points to consider:

S - Social Awareness

H - Humility in Approaches

I - Impartiality in Dealings

P - Progressive-mindedness

With these basic ideas on leadership, I do hope to see the leaders of today working hard in the spirit of goodness with an impact of effectiveness especially in achieving institutional and personal goals. I made the ideas easy to recall so that we can concentrate in applying these to each of ourselves as our memory would always remind us.

Easier said than done is the challenge we can reflect in reality but a focus on development for a better change would be our chance to really apply good points into practicality of actions.

Good luck, leaders!

Welcome to the Leadership Sphere

This spot for blogging has been prepared for us to discuss opinions, concepts, principles, researches, and whatever points of view regarding leadership.

It is just like a discussion room where we focus on the said topic and learn from any ideas perceived as acceptable and worthy of safekeeping by us. I may start giving what I got from my experiences, researches, seminars, and other sources. You are then encouraged to give your comments and share whatever is necessary to be given considerable attention to assure a well-accepted and knowledge-driven views on leadership.